Granite is an excellent material for use, as an elegant decorative elements and balustrades. With the right technology for the treatment, cutting and polishing stone obtain material resistant to scratches, stains and chemical agents. Granite is resistant to high and low temperatures, so no worries, granite can be used as elements of garden architecture. Extensive use of granite confirms it's functionality. Granite is non-combustible, resistant to mechanical damage and also very durable. Elements made of granite are extremely majestic and aesthetically pleasing, so will present dreamlike!

Due to the comprehensive use of granite, we offer you high quality granite balusters that can be used as:

  • decorative elements
  • elements of outdoor balustrades
  • elements of indoor balustrades

Balusters are organic and environmentally friendly. Very easy to keep them clean. The natural beauty of the stone in a unique range of colors provide higher aesthetics. Natural stone balusters are resistant to weathering and UV rays, so you can enjoy the beautiful colors of natural stone indoors and outdoors. Balusters made of granite are durable and extremely elegant.


Design, project, diameter and height are determined individually with the customer. We adapt to your needs and requirements. We are open to your suggestions and proposals.


We offer balusters made of high quality granite: gray and red colour.


Natural-stone granite.

Product available on request. Please send a inquiry about delivery terms by phone or email. We also sell wholesale. For architects and designers we offer special conditions of contracts.

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